Do You See What God Sees?

Do you understand the true picture of man? Most of us like to think man is pretty good, but does the Word of God agree with that opinion? Romans chapter 3 gives us the unabridged answer. Romans 3:9-20

Introducing the One True God

What comes into your mind when you think about God? A.W. Tozer said how you answer that question is the most important thing about you. And many people misunderstand the true nature of God. Is He good or bad? Is he close or far away? Is He one of many? Discover the foundational pillars of the character of God in this message entitled Introducing the One True God. Exodus 34:1-8

What Is Your Response to Amazing Love?

The greatest gift ever given was the priceless gift of God’s Son to unworthy recipients. What have you done with this gift? Did you accept it and open it … or did you leave it unopened under the tree? The gift of amazing love requires a response. Matthew 2:10-11

Good News for the Blues

Is Christmas time unwelcomed in your heart? Are you down and discouraged? There is good news for those who have the blues in this message that will encourage you to remember that Jesus offers great joy! A Savior has come … and that means great things are yours for the taking. Luke 2:1-11

Why You Act The Way You Do

Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do in certain situations? Why some things really get your motor running, and others you couldn’t care less about? Are you wrong or even weird because of this? Absolutely not! In this insightful message from the series IT'S NOT EASY BEING ME, Dr. Jeff Schreve shows us the four standard personality types, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and how God can use them all for His glory. It's part of the 12 TIMELESS FAVORITES Collection. Proverbs 14:8

It's Time to Get Out of the Boat

Do you want to have the kind of faith that moves mountains and walks on water?! Well, of course you do … and you can have that kind of faith today if you will step out and reach for Jesus. IT’S TIME TO GET OUT OF THE BOAT is the challenging message from Pastor Jeff Schreve that will encourage you to forget your fears and focus your faith on the One who created you. Matthew 14:22-33

So You Want To Be A Disciple?

Becoming a disciple of Christ is not a decision that you should make lightly. It’s a life-changing and life-long commitment. In this message called SO YOU WANT TO BE A DISCIPLE?, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares the real truth about what it means to whole-heartedly follow Jesus by surrendering your everything to Him each day. Luke 14:25-35

Where's the Fruit?

Do you ever wonder how you can tell if you are really walking with Jesus? Easy answer… THE FRUIT. Pastor Jeff Schreve describes the perfect litmus test that reveals those with genuine faith in Christ and Christ alone. John 15:1-11

Sinners Welcome

Jesus came to earth and died on a cross because He loved a certain group of people: sinners. He welcomes those who are caught in the trappings of sin to come to Him and receive His grace. In this encouraging message entitled SINNERS WELCOME, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares Jesus’ heart for sinners and the grace that is available to those who receive that special surrendered relationship. Matthew 9:9-13

The Giant of Insecurity

Insecurity can imprison you for life. Many people are shackled to their insecurities and fail to enjoy the abundant life God wants for us. But the Lord tells us we have great worth, enormous wealth, and an unfathomable reward to come. When you know the truth, the truth sets you free from THE GIANT OF INSECURITY. John 13:1-5

The Giant of Guilt and Shame

Guilt and shame are two emotions we are all too familiar with. Many people are being gnawed to death on the inside as they try to hide their sin and explain it away. But God has a better plan. He wants us to experience the wonders of His complete and total forgiveness. In this encouraging message, discover God’s way to defeat THE GIANT OF GUILT AND SHAME. Luke 7:36-50

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