Major Crisis

We all face and overcome obstacles of varying sizes every day. But once in a while we come up against major, soul-shaking crises, and our responses to them shape the entirety of our lives. In today's Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers describes a time when David faced such a crisis, and his reaction to it.

Old Tricks For New Times

When we study the Old Testament, one of the first things we may notice is that great biblical figures such as King David face the same spiritual trials and temptations that we do today. This is made particularly clear in our lesson today in Understanding God's Word.

Setting Goals

We know that it is important to set goals for our everyday life. Perhaps your goal is to get a promotion, or to get fit, to write a novel, the important thing is that we find fulfillment by acheiving the goals we set for ourselves. This is also true in our spiritual lives, as Dr. John Akers will discuss in today's Understanding God's Word.

Fulfillment and Faithfulness

One of the defining characteristics that made David such an incredible servant of God was his steadfastness through times of struggle. In today's lesson in Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers shows us how we can follow David's example.

God's Anointed

Today on Understanding God's Word, Dr, John Akers talks about one of the most famous stories in the bible: that of David and Goliath. It's a story we have heard so many times that we tend to take it for granted, but taken in a wider context we can see it's true significance.

The Rise Of David

In today's Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers takes us through the compelling story of the rise of the greatest king of Israel, King David.

The Downfall of Saul

King Saul was the first king of Israel, and a good, strong king at that. but when God raised up David to become his successor, Saul couldn't handle it and he turned away from God. Today, Dr. John Akers shows us what lessons we can take from the story of Saul's downfall.

Unrestrained Anger and Unrestrained Grace

As Saul reached the end of his reign and David rose up for his beginning, Saul became angry and jealous. He attacked David over and over with unrestrained anger, but every time David responded with total grace. In today's Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers examines the examples set by both men.

The Example Of Saul

Those of us familiar with the story of King Saul may mostly remember his ungodly treatment of David later in his life. But Saul was chosen by God as the first king of Israel for a reason, and in today's Understanding God's Word Dr. John Akers shows us how the early part of Saul's reign stands as a good example of leadership.

Does God Change His Mind?

Today we start a new series in the Old Testament in which we study three of the most important kings of Israel: Saul, David, and Solomon.

Belief And Action

We have been told that we are saved by faith alone, and not by actions. But there sure is a lot of scripture that tells us how and how not to act. So what is the truth? Do we only need to believe? Or is it our actions that save us? Dr. John Akers looks at this question in today's installment of Understanding God's Word.

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