People Who Teach Mothers

Pray for local groups whose purpose is to teach young mothers how to take care of their babies and to encourage them to return to school and strive for a better future.

Grieving Mothers

Please pray that anguish, guilt, anger and depression will not overcome mothers who are grieving because of the death of a child.

Mothers Who Struggle Financially

Pray for unemployed mothers who are struggling to feed their children.

Grieving Mothers

Pray for women who have lost their babies through miscarriages and are grieving the children they never held.

Better Health Care

Pray for the provision of better health care to prevent deaths worldwide that result from complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Community Leaders

Pray for women to courageously unite to help community leaders understand the importance of protecting women from rape and from the threat of unprotected relations with spouses who may be infected with HIV.

Young Brides

Pray for young girls who were forced to marry as children and who had babies as teenagers, causing many to suffer health issues.

FGM Tradition to be Rejected

Pray for mothers and grandmothers to reject the custom of female genital mutilation, which is still practiced in many African and Middle Eastern countries.

The Gospel to Touch Lives

Pray for the power of the gospel to touch the hearts and lives of mothers who are deceived by false religions and ideologies.

Children to Show Appreciation

Pray for children of all ages to show their mothers appreciation, love and respect for giving them life, loving them unconditionally and providing for them sacrificially.

Mothers to Lead Their Children

Pray for mothers to lead their children to understand God’s gift of salvation and to show them that God can use them to do great things for eternity.

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