God Our Great Physician

God, you are our great physician. We ask that you bring mental and emotional healing to those who have suffered the loss of relatives through war and conflict. (Psalm 147:2)

Care for the Elderly in Finnland

As Finnish women guide their children, pursue careers, face challenges in marriage and care for aging parents, enable them to detach from these constant duties and find peace and rest in you daily. (Philippians 4:6-7)

Leaders in Liberia

Father, we pray healing and blessing on TWR Women of Hope leaders in Liberia and elsewhere who generously give of themselves to minister to women around them in the name of Jesus. (Luke 6:38)

Lives in Step with Jesus

God, may the women in Romania be as interested in their spiritual health as they are in their physical health. May their lives be in step with you and find rest in you. (Matthew 11:28-30)

Strength and Health For Polish Team

We ask you, Lord, to give our Polish team health, peace, trust, patience and supernatural strength to minister to women during this pandemic. (Psalm 29:11)

Prayer for Positive Body Image

Father, because many Korean women and girls of ordinary body type think they are fat, they diet excessively, adversely affecting their bodies and minds. Help them to see themselves as you do and to pursue inner beauty. (1 Peter 3:3-4)

Love Casts Out Fear

Lord, help Albanian Christian women to keep their eyes focused on you so that crippling fear from the pandemic would be removed from their minds and hearts. Give them courage to share their faith with those who do not know the hope of God. (Isaiah 41:10)

Christian Fellowship

In addition to information for their physical and spiritual lives, many women from remote areas of Nepal find their only Christian fellowship through the Women of Hope programs. Strengthen them to stand strong through your Word. (Philippians 4:1)

Ending Child Marriage

Father, we know that girls who experience early marriage in Burundi face many difficulties in their health and well-being. May the truth of these harms reach the hearts of cultural leaders so that this unhealthy practice is stopped. (Proverbs 21:1)

Talents and Gifts

May Danish women realize that taking care of their bodies and minds through proper nourishment and rest is part of being a faithful steward of your gifts, Lord. (Romans 12:1)

Leadership in Brazil

Lord, may your Brazilian daughters whom you have placed in high leadership positions be filled with your Spirit and sensitive to your voice so that they may honor you and your calling. (Galatians 5:25)

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