Education in India

God, we ask for increased opportunity for women in India to pursue higher education and secure good jobs. May their eyes stay focused on you as you provide for their needs.

Christian Youth in Denmark

Dear Lord, give strength and courage to Christian youth in Denmark to stand firm and be witnesses for Jesus. We pray there will be revival in the schools and that those searching for meaning in life will be saved.

Teachers for Bonaire

We pray that educators would desire to serve longer tenures on Bonaire so that student-teacher relationships can develop and flourish, enhancing the students’ education.

Shortage of Teachers in Sweden

God, give wisdom to the politicians and school authorities in Sweden who seek to lighten the increasingly heavy workload on teachers. They anticipate a shortage of 80,000 teachers in 10 years.

Prayer at School

May the German students and parents who gather to pray for their schools and teachers be filled with your wisdom, discernment and joy. Lord, may more people desire to do this.

Sexual Harassment in Schools

Dear Lord, please protect female Japanese students from sexual harassment. We pray for your justice to rule and reign in each school.

Parents of Korean Students

Father, we pray that South Korean parents would model your truth, love and faith to their busy university-bound students and consistently have quality time together.

Encourage Students and Faculty

We ask that Christian students, faculty and staff would find others in their schools with whom they can pray and encourage one another to stand strong in their faith and witness.

Chinese Bible Students

We pray for female Chinese Bible students who are going through spiritual training. Father, deepen their relationships with you and increase their faith to believe that you will provide for their needs.

Education for Girls

We ask that you move, Father, in the hearts of families, cultures and governments to view girls as being worthy of a good education, for they are made in your image. (Gen. 1:27)

Students in Turkey

Father, we pray that students in Turkey would have access to a more comprehensive education. Students in rural areas average only five to six years of education. Because many marry early, girls have less education than boys.

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