Rehabilitation in India

God of mercy, we pray for the rehabilitation of imprisoned women in India. Only you can bring healing and restoration to them as they face the stigma of being prisoners.

Female Prisoners in Liberia

Lord, we pray for Liberian women and girls who are imprisoned for crimes that they did not commit. Please set them free.

Thankful for Freedom

God, we are grateful for religious freedom in Europe. May we who enjoy this freedom be thankful but also remember our persecuted brothers and sisters who do not experience this.

Nothing Can Seperate Us

God, comfort the Indonesian believers whose families persecute them for their faith. Some are even separated from their children, but nothing can separate them from your love.

Finnish Prisons

We pray, Lord, for the spiritual work that is going on in Finnish prisons. Strengthen and equip the employees working with the female inmates, and may your love reach into the hearts of those serving sentences.

Unity Instead on Division

Father, we pray your protection and healing over Ethiopia and its many people groups. May they live together in peace and unity and not be harmed by outside influences which seek to divide this nation and peoples.

Prisoners in Paraguay

Beloved Father, manifest your beautiful gift of salvation to each of the inmates who participate in the TWR Women of Hope meetings at the Buen Pastor prison in Paraguay.

Estremera Prison in Spain

Heavenly Father, we pray for the ministry in the Estremera Prison in Spain. May both men and women come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Christians in Japan

Father, may the small Christian population in Japan not feel alienated and lonely but witness boldly for Christ without being discouraged.

Inmates in South Korea

Lord, we praise you that Christian inmates in South Korea are sharing Christ within the prisons. Although they are imprisoned and separated from families and friends, may they experience you, God, knowing you are always with them.

Christ is a Faithful Friend

Almighty Lord, strengthen young people in Romania so that they will stand firm and share their faith even if their friends reject them.

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