Norea Intercessors

Father, please provide both funding and intercessors for our partner, Norea Media Mission, as it shares the gospel with the unreached through media.

You Are Precious Broadcasts

Lord, please bring women volunteers to our team in Poland who are eager to reach women in difficult life situations with the message of the broadcast, You Are Precious.

Programs from North Caucasus

Father, thank you that the Women of Hope programs going out from the North Caucasus reach neighboring republics where a different religion is practiced. May the signals be strong and reach those who need to hear of Jesus

A Light in Albania

God, enable Albanian Christians to be light in the darkness and to lovingly serve people in your name. May nonbelievers desire this life-changing relationship with you

Gospel-Centered Partnerships.

Strengthen the partnerships that TWR Women of Hope has with other Christian organizations, Father, and guide our combined efforts so that multitudes will turn to Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Education Agains Harmful Practices

Lord we Call out to you. In the hope of attaining spiritual enlightenment and liberation, educated families in India sometimes indulge in occult practices leading to suicide and murder. Lord, enable believers to reach out to these people to offer restoration through Christ. Amen.

Reaching the Batwa Tribe

Father, we pray for the unreached Batwa tribe in Burundi. The people traditionally live apart from other communities but have begun sending their children to government schools. Bring people to translate the Scriptures for them and minister to their many needs. Amen.

Protection for Cambodian Christians

Lord, we ask that you protect Cambodian Christians and nonbelievers from accepting false teaching. Give them your wisdom to know the truth. Amen.

Praise For Women Of Hope Uruguay

God, we praise you for our Uruguay team’s faithfulness in praying for the unreached in their nation. This helps to draw nonbelievers to the ministry as the team members pray each evening by radio and broadcast Women of Hope programs. Amen.

Bonaire Outreach

Many people in Bonaire have heard your Word, Lord. Bless the ministries that reach out with the gospel message. Draw back to yourself those who have gone astray and break the power of their sins so that they may recognize you as Savior and Lord. Amen.

Prayer for North Korea

North Korea is an unreached people group and ranks at the top of Open Doors’ World Watch List for the high rate of persecution against Christians. God, use Women of Hope broadcasts to preach the gospel into this isolated nation. Amen.

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