Choosing Christ in Central Asia

Would you open the eyes of young women in Central Asia to your truth, Father, so that they would follow you rather than joining the region’s predominant religion?

Judgment Against Teen Marriage in Tanzania

We praise you, Lord, that the Tanzanian government passed a judgment that girls under 18 will no longer be eligible to get married.

Strength for Denmark's Students

Give strength to the girls of Denmark to stand strong in you, Father, as they struggle with the stress of school grades and face great social pressure.

Forced Abortions in North Korea

Father, we pray for the end to forced abortions of North Korean pregnant women who are recaptured after fleeing the country. The government does not want mixed blood in their race.

Roma Child Brides

Lord, we pray for an end to the custom of child brides among the Roma living in Serbia and Albania. These early marriages impede education, leaving these girls without an ability to earn a living wage.

Teen Pregnancy in France

Father, we praise you that in France the pregnancy rate for teenagers has dropped by 60 percent over the past 25 years due to higher education for girls.

Role Models for Vietnamese Girls

God, we pray for Vietnamese Christian girls to be taught and to live by your biblical moral standards. May they resist the cultural temptation to participate in premarital sex and cohabitation.

Love for Women with Fistulas

Lord, thank you for the ministry of physical, social and spiritual healing provided by fistula hospitals, churches and the Healing Voice program to women recovering from fistulas.

Refreshment for Dr. Peggy Banks

Father, we pray that Dr. Peggy Banks would sit in your presence daily as she leads this ministry and receive the rest that you alone provide.

Domestic Violence in Latin America

Lord, we pray that women in Croatia and Uruguay experiencing domestic violence would call out and that they and the abusers would receive help.

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