Tanzanian Widows

Lord, we pray that Tanzanian widows would be allowed to keep their resources and receive their inheritances and not be denied this by the families of the deceased. (Ps. 33:22)

Discipline for Families

Father, we pray for single-parent families to not spoil their children, instead parenting them with godly guidelines so they can stand on their own as adults.

Father Figures for Africa

Lord, we pray that the African church would model and teach fidelity and parental responsibilities. Many boys in single-parent families have no father figure in their lives.

Abandoned Mothers and Kids

Father, help abandoned mothers to heal from their anger and pain, allowing their children to bond with the fathers and benefit from this relationship.

Japanese Mothers

May Japanese mothers be strengthened while taking care of their children as their husbands work until late in the evening.

Freedom in Vietnam

Father, we pray that Vietnamese women would find their freedom and identity as your daughters and be released from Voodoo and its trappings.

Provision for Single Moms

Lord, we ask that single moms receive the financial, emotional and spiritual support they need for themselves and their children.

Parents in Germany

We pray that German parents would set biblical priorities for their families and not set performance at school or high salaries as their goal in life.

Couples in Korea

Father, we pray for Korean couples to seek your timing for marriage and bearing children, knowing that increased age and stress raises the possibility of infertility.

Childless in Côte d'Ivoire

Father, we ask that your Word bring healing to the guilt and rejection imposed on women in Côte d'Ivoire who are childless. (Ps. 62:5)

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