The Security we have in Jesus

Why didn't Payne Stewart worry about the future? Luis Palau shares why in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

Finding God – the True Rest we Need

Are you finding yourself in the middle of life's struggles? Did you want true rest? Andrew Palau shares where to find that rest in today's episode of "Reaching Your World".


To whom does Jesus Christ want you to pledge allegiance? Learn the answer by listening to this edition of "Reaching Your World with Luis Palau".


Are you looking for true love? Good news -you can find it! Luis Palau shares where and how in this edition of "Reaching Your World".


Did you know the Christian life is a way of life? What kind of a way of life? Let Luis Palau share the answer with you in this edition of "Reaching Your World".


When you walk with Jesus, what do you get? Luis Palau's answer may well surprise you, but is sure to help you in today's edition of "Reaching Your World".

Life is Short

Tomorrow is not a given! So how should that thought affect you and what you choose to do? Andrew Palau gives insight to how in this edition of "Reaching Your World".


Do your neighbors know that God is love? What is the best way to show the true characteristics of God? Luis Palau shares it in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

Self-help and Jesus-help

Did you know that Jesus' help is ALWAYS better for you than self-help? How so? Let Luis Palau share with you in this edition of "Reaching Your World".


Time is limited, so are you making the most of it? Have you pondered what really is the best use of your limited time? Luis Palau shares what the best use includes in this episode of "Reaching Your World".


Why should you turn off the white noise" and tune in to Jesus?" How can you do it? Luis Palau urges you to do so in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

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