Andrew - Parenting God’s Way

How can and does Jesus impact us as parents? Andrew Palau shares how on today's episode of "Reaching Your World".

Andrew - Christmas is a World-changing Event

Have you heard of the Advent conspiracy?


Why is it that delaying something can make it more joyous when it comes?

Why we Love

Why do we love? How can we love those who seem unlovable?

Andrew - Fight Hatred with Love

Should I be angry or scared in regards to life today?

Spreading the Gospel though Love

How well do you love those who do not love you?

Pay Attention

How can we be like the little boy who is distracted while fishing?

Don’t be Distracted

What could possibly be wrong with a beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous season of summer?

Bold in Your Faith

How bold are you in your faith? How bold should you be?

Do Not Give Up

What has God asked you to do by putting something on your heart? Have you even noticed? Have you considered giving up?


Many people try to obtain wisdom and advice on how to become the best leader. But the best leadership guide is the Bible. This week learn how Christ gives us the wisdom and insights necessary to effectively lead others. Hear how great leaders from history were often ones who didn’t want to lead but were called by the Lord

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