Sowing Generously

Have you ever made a sacrifice? What have you done with the opportunities to sow generously? Andrew Palau shares on this in today's edition of "Reaching Your World".

The Joy of the Call

Have you heard of William Tyndale? He had an impact on the world even at a young age. Luis Palau shares about him on this edition of "Reaching Your World".

Reaching all

What did Jesus tell you to do? Do you know? How would you be able to do it if you don't know what He told you to do? In this edition of "Reaching Your World", Luis Palau shares what Jesus said for you to do.

The Roman Empire

Why were the early Christians so passionate about spreading the Gospel? How did they do it? Luis Palau shares why and how in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

Beautiful feet

While you may have heard of Jim Elliot's death on the mission field, but have you heard about his brother Bert? Luis Palau shares Bert and Colleen Elliot's story on this edition of "Reaching Your World".

Send me

Why did God have Isaiah stand before Him? Andrew Palau shares the answer on this episode of "Reaching Your World".

Who are your friends?

Do you spend almost all of your friends who know God? When have you purposely gotten together with those who don't? Luis Palau challenges you on this edition of "Reaching Your World".

Science Points to God

Some folks say science contradicts God. Does it? Luis Palau answers this question on today's edition of "Reaching Your World".

Eric Liddell

Why did a famous Olympic runner say he ran for an audience of one? Luis Palau shares about Eric Liddell's in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

Fear of God

Nick Wallenda did something that had never been done before: he crossed the Grand Canyon on a tight rope. His answers to reporters afterwards were surprising. Luis Palau shares them on this edition of "Reaching Your World".

A God-given dream

Have you ever been afraid that your dream would sound silly? What has God placed on your heart? Andrew Palau shares of his dream in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

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