From Grace to Race

Everybody’s got a theory about how to deal with the issue of racism in our country. But, Dr. Tony Evans says the only way we’ll ever solve the problem of “skin” is to deal with the problem of “sin.” It’s an eye-opening look at the connection between race and grace.

The Power of Unity

In modern culture, the truth has been replaced by my truth or your truth. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why the path to unity begins when we recognize the Authority of God’s truth.

The Divine Imperative

The Bible gives us a three-part formula describing exactly what God expects from his people. Dr. Tony Evans explores that “divine imperative” and reveals what God can accomplish through us when we carry it out.

Race, Culture & Christ

Poison in the Pot

America: Turning a Nation to God

The Wind & Fire

The book of Acts describes a time when the Holy Spirit showed up and supernaturally ignited the spiritual passion of his followers. Dr. Tony Evans outlines what needs to be done to re-ignite that same passion in today’s believers (and their churches) and truly experience God’s presence.

The Power

You can turn the world’s most magnificent machine into nothing more than a paperweight in one easy step: just disconnect its power source. Dr. Tony Evans explains why Christians work the same way and suggest some practical ways we can get reconnected to the power plant of the Holy Spirit.

The Names of the Holy Spirit Volume 2

Dr. Tony Evans says that many people who get all the fresh air they need are still suffocating spiritually. He talks about how to get a deep cleansing breath of something you need even more than oxygen. Find out what it is when you join us !

The Names of the Holy Spirit Volume 2

When a craftsman applies sealer to a piece of wood, it’s designed to keep good things in and bad things out. Dr. Tony Evans explains why God’s gift of the Holy Spirit has the same effect on us. Learn more about how God seals our salvation to protect and preserve our link to him.

The Names of the Holy Spirit Volume 2

Dr. Tony Evans says that when we were saved, God sealed our new nature by putting his own Spirit inside us. He talks about three powerful benefits of that sealing process, focusing on the power and encouragement that come along with the Lord’s protection.

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