Elite Forces

What do you think about someone risking their life, going through enemy territory, for a cup of water?

The Promise

What promise would you want God to make to you? What promise did God make to David?

David and Bathsheba

Can God be tricked? Can God be fooled? Can we sin without God seeing it and knowing it?


What can be learned from a rich man and a lamb?

Child Dies

Have you ever prayed for something but God didn't answer your prayer the way you wanted?


How can we make things right with God after we sinned?

Suffering Servant

Who was Isaiah? What did he say to Kings of long ago and to us today?


There was a most unusual pregnancy many years ago that is still talked about today. What made it so special?


How does God want to be worshipped? What happened when bad things were done in the house of worship?

Blind Man

How can a blind man see? How can a man accurately predict how he will be tortured and killed?


Does Jesus care about physically imperfect people? Does Jesus care about cheaters?

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