God is my Refuge and Strength

Difficult moments don’t have to be your defining ones. God will give you a moment of grace that can give you a new hope with Him. Peggy opens up about her past with domestic violence and how God freed her.

Defining Moments

Have you ever had a moment that completely changed you? Babbie opens up about her growing up in the church and a special experience that opened her eyes to how much God loves her.

Dealing With Pressure

A favorite throwback episode.

Babbie reminisces about her father's pastoral legacy to "march forth" to follow God. Peggy shares what it means to "slack up" and encourage each other not to give up.

Standing Firm

Strengthen your identity in Christ by reflecting on who God says you are. Babbie Mason and Peggy Banks discuss what it means to be a daughter of the Most High King by standing firm in what you believe about God’s purpose for you and your future.

Reason For Hope

A favorite throwback episode.

How can we still have hope even when the worst happens? God ALWAYS has a plan to give us hope and a future. Peggy and Babbie share how to find and cling to that hope by seeking and praying to God who promises to listen.

Who We Are in Christ

A favorite throwback episode.

What labels do you put on yourself? What you do, how you look, or where you’re from? Join Babbie Mason and Dr. Peggy Banks as they talk about how our identity in Christ transcends the labels and gives us courage to make a difference.

Non Conforming Transformation

How to make every day a fresh start. Peggy and Babbie share how to renew your mind by meditating on Scriptural declarations.

Beyond Our Past

Babbie recounts how her gift of playing the piano came through a strict German piano teacher and hours and hours of practice, and how that taught her how to walk with Jesus. Peggy and Babbie chat about faith and letting go of your past and living into the future that God has for you.

Living Out Convictions

Babbie Mason and Dr. Peggy Banks chat about the voices that undermine God’s voice in our life, and the power of focusing on what we know to be true. Babbie shares a practical exercise to help build your faith and sings a few lines from one of her songs.

No Compromise

Babbie recounts what inspired her to write the song "Hope Has a Name" and her journey into making her faith her own. Peggy shares about how to live a hopeful life that blesses others through listening to the Holy Spirit.

Never Give Up

Following Jesus with your whole heart does not have to be a trite cliché that you sing about in church. Peggy shares a story about her struggle to exemplify a life of “desperate dependence on Jesus,” and Babbie challenges us to set our minds to move forward in our journey with God.

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