Ken Taylor - The Living Bible

How did "The Living Bible" come to be? Do you understand the difference between a translation and a paraphrase? How do you help others, and yourself, better understand the Bible? Listen in as Dr. Ken Taylor is interviewed by Denny Milgate.

Charles Colson - Born Again

From the White House to prison, power to captivity to true power, what did Chuck Colson have to say to Denny Milgate that you need to know? What is a "Fellowhip House"? What can you do to further the work?

Pat Boone - Pray to Win

Should a Christian "pray to win"? What should a Christian pray for? Denny Milgate has a firsthand conversation with Pat Boone on a very practical topic, one which affects you.

Charles Allen - Perfect Peace

How is it that there are more people alive today than ever, yet loneliness is more prevalent? Denny Milgate has a firsthand conversation with Charles Allen, author of "Perfect Peace".

Dr. Erwin Lutzer - If I Could Change My Mom and Dad

Are your children hurting? How would you know if they were hurting? Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Dr. Erwin Lutzer who wrote a book for you and maybe ABOUT YOU in today's edition.

Elizabeth Elliott - Christian Commitment

How can you know God's will for your life? Where does commitment begin? Who is supposed to teach it and build it into people? How should it be taught? What is it? Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Elizabeth Elliott in today' airing of an interview which took place decades ago.

Dr Paul Cedar - 7 Keys to Maximum Communication

"Without a doubt, love is the most effective form of communication in the world!" Is communication merely dumping information? Denny Milgate has "a Firsthand Conversation with" Dr. Paul Cedar, author of "7 Keys to Maximum Communication".

Spirit Controlled Family Living

Is it possible to have a well behaved family? If so, how? Learn how in this interview by Denny Milgate on this edition of "A Firsthand Conversation with" Tim and Bev Lehaye,

Dr. Richard Foster - Celebration of Discipline

How much do you know about the importance of Christian disciplines? How important are they? Today, Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Dr. Richard Foster about Dr. Foster's book "Celebration of Discipline".

John Wesley White - What Does It Mean to be Born Again?

Why would someone want to be born again? What does it mean to be born again? Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" John Wesley White in order to get answers to these questions and more.

Jeb Stuart Magruder - From Power to Peace

Jeb Stuart Magruder, a real life crook in the government and deceiver of the American people is the man that Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" today. Prison reform and other topics are brought out along with great solutions.

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