Three Keys to Please God

Have you ever wondered exactly what God wants from you?

Mighty in Scripture

Who was the Apollos mentioned in the Bible? What did he do? What should you do? Dr. Jeff Schreve reveals the answers in this edition of "Real Hope :Minute".

Making Today Your Masterpiece

What did John Wooden say that affected Dr. Jeff Schreve? How does that impact your day today? Listen to this editon of "Real Hope Minute" to find out.

How to Witness a Miracle

Have you ever wondered what you should do and what God will do?

Fire Truck Christianity

What's the difference between a fire truck and a water truck? Which one better describes you? Dr. Jeff Schreve shares the difference in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Finding True Success

What does it mean that God will give you the desires of your heart? Is there a condition to be met first?

Danger of Tickling Ears

What should the church be like towards sin and sinners? Dr. Jeff Schreve gives the answer in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Credible Ministry

How is your marriage? How does your marriage affect your ministry?

What's Playing in Your Head?

Is the song which is playing over and over in your head negative or positive? Want to know how to change the song? Listen to advice from Dr. Jeff Schreve in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Taking the Gloves Off

Who was the strongest, toughest preacher who ever lived?

Keeping It Real

Do you deal with things openly and honestly? Do you deal with the junk in your life's closet? How can you deal with them effectlvely? Dr.Jeff Schreve shares how in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

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