Forgiveness is Not Reconciliation

Are you a forgiving person? Would others say you are?

Bringing Light in Dark Days

While it seems that the world is getting worse and more evil, what can be done about it?

Be Angry But Do Not Sin

What are we supposed to do with our anger? Does it have to control us?

A Fruitful Life

Are you dealing with bitterness today? Are you wounded? Are you battered? What can you learn from Naomi's story?

Let Him Arise

Have you ever heard of "Andre the Giant"? What can we learn from him today?

Making the Best of the Worst

How does the story of Joseph help you make the best of the worst?

Make Love Last a Lifetime

How is it that marriages need work to keep the love alive and growing?

Do You Have Peace Today

Have you ever noticed how the Apostle Paul starts his letters to the recipients in the Bible? Why is it always "Grace and Peace" and not the other way around?

A Wonderful Life

With so much suffering, how could you possible say that God promises a wonderful life to a believer?

The Character of God

Did you ever have someone question the character of God? How did you respond? How could you respond?

Speaking the Truth in Love

Who is really helped when a pastor fails to tell of truth and consequences for not following it? What needs to happen?

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