Matthew 16:28-17:27

In Matthew 17 we meet Jesus on a mountaintop, having one of the most fascinating meetings in the Bible—with Moses and Elijah. Scripture says Jesus was transfigured into light from within Him. If you’re ready to see why Dr. McGee called this event not only the proof of Jesus’ humanity, but also the hope of humanity, join us on the mountaintop.

Matthew 16:1-28

“Who is Jesus?” In this study in Matthew 16, that question of the ages is asked for the very first time—by none other than Jesus Himself. Is He a great person? A prophet? Or an imposter? Or is He what He claimed to be—the Savior of the world? Make up your own mind once you study God’s Word.

Matthew 15:1-39

We’ve got it turned upside down. Too often today we call evil “good” and good “evil.” As Pharisees confront Jesus for breaking tradition, Jesus challenges a world upside down and teaches His disciples how to recognize and reward faith.

Matthew 14:1-36

Of all the miracles Jesus performed, only one is recorded in all four Gospels. Do you know which one? Here’s a hint: Sit down and get ready to be fed a supernatural meal from Matthew 14.

Matthew 13:44-14:1

More parables about the Kingdom of heaven. Dr. McGee challenges us that unbelief limits God’s ability to work in our lives, our churches, and communities, and encourages us that eternal life is a gift from God, not something to be bought.

Matthew 13:24-43

When we hear a good story, our defenses drop, and the critical lesson can be more easily received. As we study Matthew 13, listen to Jesus teach important spiritual lessons in the form of parables. Listen closely, since Dr. McGee said this chapter is often misunderstood and misinterpreted but is key to understanding Jesus’ message.

Matthew 13:3-23

If you’ve ever tried to plant a crop or grow a garden, you understand the value of soil. In this study of Matthew 13, Jesus compares the human heart to four different types of soil. Our teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, says this is “one of the most important chapters of the Bible” and challenges us to have “ears to hear.”

Matthew 12:3-13:2

Have you ever heard of “the unpardonable sin”? Do you know what it is? Are you concerned that you’ve committed it? Find out what sin is so great that God will not forgive it in our study of Matthew 12.

Matthew 11:7-12:2

Only once in Scripture does Jesus describe Himself and what it’s like to know Him—and it is here in Matthew 11. He begins, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Explore with Dr. J. Vernon McGee what it’s like to rest in Jesus.

Matthew 10:8-11:6

If you are often puzzled by the events and circumstances in our world, take heart. You’re not alone. When Jesus sent His disciples into the world, He prepared them for the worst. Even John the Baptist was confused. Take Jesus’ instruction to heart in our study of Matthew 10-11.

Matthew 9:14-10:8

“How we pray should affect how we live our lives”—that’s just one lesson we learn in our study of Matthew 9-10 as we continue to deep dive into Jesus’ teaching and evidence of power over all things natural and supernatural.

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