Isaiah 57:6-58:3

Does it ever seem like the wicked prosper and the faithful suffer? If so, join us in Isaiah 57 as we’re reminded that the Lord sees the wicked and He will not be silent. Judgment is coming—as well as comfort for the people who trust Him.

Isaiah 56:1-57:5

God’s invitation to salvation continues in our study of Isaiah’s prophecy in chapter 56. Travel with us into the future as we look forward—past this age, into the Millennial age to come.

Isaiah 55:1-13

God is merciful. That’s what we’ll see in our study of Isaiah 55 as God invites everyone who is thirsty to come and drink from the foundation of life that is our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 53:5-54:17

Hundreds of years before Jesus died on the cross, God had written through His prophet Isaiah a more vivid description of His Son’s crucifixion than is found anywhere else in the Bible. Follow along in Isaiah 53 as we continue to explore His death and learn of the invitation offered to each of us as a result.

Isaiah 53:1-6

We continue our study of Isaiah’s prophecy of Jesus’ suffering in Isaiah 53, verses 1-6, as we witness His pain and catch a glimpse of the hope to come in verses ahead.

Isaiah 52:1-53:1

God’s redemption of Israel. That’s what we’re studying in the beautiful verses of Isaiah 52. Join us as we hear the prophecy of the Good News and stand in reverence at the suffering of our Savior.

Isaiah 50:2-51:23

“There are a lot of Christians today who should wake up, and get up, and get going for God.” That’s the message we’ll hear from Dr. J. Vernon McGee in our journey through Isaiah chapters 51 and 52. Travel with us as we continue our study of the amazing prophecy regarding our Savior Jesus Christ, and hear God remind Israel of all He has promised them.

Isaiah 49:1-50:4

What is the greatest sin being committed by Christians today? Our teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, answers this question in our continuing study of the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Join us in chapter 49 as we hear Jesus Himself call upon the world.

Isaiah 47:1-48:22

God’s judgment against Babylon. That’s what we’ll study in Isaiah 47 and 48. Hop aboard the Bible Bus as we witness the ultimate humiliation and decline of this ancient city and hear God’s loving call to the house of Jacob and His remnant.

Isaiah 45-46

Why did Isaiah prophesize about Cyrus the Great, two hundred years before his birth? And why did God call Cyrus “anointed?” Our teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, answers these questions and more in our study of Isaiah 45 and 46.

Isaiah 43-44

As our study of the Old Testament book of Isaiah continues, we’ll hear more about God’s plans for Israel and the comfort He provides for His people in the midst of life’s storms, including a prophecy about the coming of the Holy Spirit.

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