Jim Fitzgerald

Alcohol and carousing led Jim to a dissolute life. Hear how victory finally came on Unshackled!

John Deming Classic

Born deformed, John felt the sting of rejection and lonliness throughout his life. Find out how he dealt with it on Unshackled!

LaVerne Poole Classic

"Rebel" was LaVerne's middle name. Hear how his name was changed on Unshackled!

Darlene Moede Pt 2

Much pain and loss was Darlene's experience. How did she cope? Find out how on Unshackled!

Darlene Moede

Abuse and mistreatment were Darlene's companions. Find out how she fought back--and won--on Unshackled!

Norma Finley Pt 2

What happens to a woman who leaves home as a teen and marries a man who just uses her? Find out how she was helped on the next Unshackled!

Norma Finley

Poverty,abuse and fear. A recipe for disaster. Hear how Norma found great peace on the next Unshackled!

A. Grace Hanson Pt 2

Healing DOES come after great abuse. Find out how on the next Unshackled!

A. Grace Hanson

What are the effects of great abuse? Find out how Grace endured, and won on the next Unshackled!

Eddie Quinn Classic

It's been said "Pride goes before a fall" and that happened to Eddie Quinn. Hear how he recovered on this edition of UNSHACKLED!

Doug Swafford

It's been said, "honesty is the best policy". Doug Swafford would say "it's the ONLY policy". Find out why on the next UNSHACKLED!

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