Andrea Beane Pt 1

As a young girl Andrea Beane was promiscuous, and that led to many, many problems. Did she find forgiveness and restoration? Find out on UNSHACKLED!

Patricia Lawrence Pt 2

When does life begin? Patricia Lawrence learned that it begins "at the time appointed". Listen to her interesting story on UNSHACKLED!

Patricia Lawrence Pt 1

Patricia grew up in an abusive home. Then drugged by her boyfriend, she became pregnant. Find out how these horrific experiences led to new life on this edition of UNSHACKLED!

Robert Allred

Why struggle when you can surrender? Robert Allred tried to ignore something he knew he needed to do. His life was miserable. But he found purpose when he did surrender. Find out what happened on UNSHACKLED!

Charles Emerson Classic

Charles Emerson was searching throughout his life. He searched for meaning and purpose, for something to believe in. Find out how his search ended on UNSHACKLED!

Fred Garland Pt 2 Classic

In the early 1900's Tuberculosis was a killer. Fred Garland contracted it and nearly died. Find out how a death sentence was turned into a life sentence on this edition of UNSHACKLED!

Fred Garland Classic

As a young man Fred was an entrepenuer and seemed to have it all together. But something was radically wrong. Find out how he was made right, on UNSHACKLED!

Dwight & Nancy Land Pt 2

Dwight and Nancy work as missionaries in Rwanda. Fighting malaria and political unrest, they share God's good news. Hear their exciting story on UNSHACKLED!

Dwight & Nancy Land

Dwight grew up longing to be a pilot, but his dreams are dashed when he's told he needs glasses. He rebels by drinking and drag racing. Find out how his dream was brought to reality on UNSHACKLED!

Debra Hedgcorth Pt 2

Debra and her husband Chris are drug addicts and are always fighting. The marriage teeters on the edge of divorce. Learn how they were reconciled on UNSHACKLED!

Debra Hedgcorth

To escape an abusive childhood, Debra turned to drugs. Things got worse, and she ended up in jail. Find out how she found freedom on UNSHACKLED!

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