Mickel Millard

Growing up Mickel endured horrific abuse, and saw his father murder his mother. Could healing come, even in this? Find out what happened on the next UNSHACKLED!

Roy Hatfield Classic

In World War Two Roy Hatfield was taken prisoner by the Germans. Find out how real freedom came, on the next UNSHACKLED!

Camilla Anderson

Bringing an aging father or mother into your home, could bring division. Find out what happened when Camilla, a pastor's wife, took in her father-in-law. That's on the next UNSHACKLED!

Henry Blair Classic

Rejected. Orphaned. And almost buried alive! Find out how Henry Blair was rescued, on the next UNSHACKLED!


It hurts to be rejected, especially by your mother. Find out what Gail learned through this experience, on the next UNSHACKLED!

Sandy Roberts

Sandy Roberts felt abandoned and overwhelmed with Multiple Sclerosis. Hear how she found healing and hope on the next UNSHACKLED!

Shirley Duncan

Our Native American friends have many struggles. See how Shirley Duncan, a Lumbee Indian, found help and hope on the next UNSHACKLED!

Tiffany Embers-Holubec Pt 2

Tiffany endured great loss, the loss of her parents to suicide AND the loss of her beautiful baby. Hear what she gained and God healed her life, on this edition of UNSHACKLED!

Tiffany Embers-Holubec

What would you do if both your parents committed suicide? Tiffany survived that devastation. Find out what happened on this edition of UNSHACKLED!


Joseph became addicted to pornography at age ten, and was held in it's grip for many years. Find out how he found freedom here on UNSHACKLED!

“Billy” Jang Hwan Kim Classic

"Billy" was a Korean boy, befriended by American soldiers during the Korean War. Find out how "Billy" found a new country, and new life on UNSHACKLED!

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