The stories of Jesus have moved the hearts of countless numbers of people and changed nations and history. But millions have yet to hear his stories. Others have once heard, but the beauty of his stories has been lost in the demands and distractions of life. It's time for the world to hear again the stories that penetrate the hearts of those who dare to sit still ... and listen. Stories of the Master is a weekly broadcast heard through the world. It focuses on telling the story of Jesus and the stories he told bringing in historical and cultural details that many miss, but details which make the stories come alive. The life of Jesus is irresistible. His power over sickness, his power over spirits, and his power over sin gave the needy and afflicted a new start. Who was this man Jesus? Where did he gain such power? Why did he come to earth? Learn the identity of the man who has changed people, families, and nations and watch as he continues to work in a world that needs to hear from him again.



Jonathan Williams

Parent Organization

Word of God Speak

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