Every year, the Arctic tern—a bird weighing less than five ounces--completes one of the greatest journeys in the animal kingdom. In their constant search for daylight, moderate temperatures and small fish on which to feed, the terns literally follow the sun from the North Pole to Antarctica, and back again. Their migrations can extend more than 5…read more


Humpback whales. They are among the largest and most magnificent creatures on Earth. But how did these warm blooded, air-breathing, fully aquatic mammals come into existence? Evolutionary scientists have long proposed a slow, gradual process driven by random mutations and natural selection. Yet, 21st century biology and genetics have clearly revealed that these naturalistic explanations are woefully inadequate. Instead, the most convincing evidence for their creation now points to intelligent design.


Celebrate Christmas with a breathtaking tour of Earth from the perspective of the International Space Station. Photographed at night more than 200 miles above the surface of our planet, this unforgettable video is a unique call to worship and rejoice in the greatest gift the world has ever received: Jesus Christ, the Savior and King of all creation.


It has been said that nature is often the greatest inspiration for human technology. An excellent example of this observation is the winged seed of a maple tree. These fragile, yet ingenious creations are designed to transport packages of life more than mile from their parent tree. The seed’s efficient and light weight aerodynamic design is now the focus of study by engineers around the world.


Sir Isaac Newton once wrote that “in the absence of any other proof, my thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence.” Newton’s observation takes on even greater relevance when applied to the 206 bones that make up the human skeleton. In this engaging video, you’ll marvel at the integrated components that form the basis of the highly flexible scaffolding that supports and protects our bodies. It is a framework that clearly illustrates the creative power of God.


There’s an old proverb that says, “God is in the details.” The truth of those words has never been more obvious. Every day, 21st century technology opens extraordinary windows on biological systems once too small to see with our unaided eyes. In this fascinating video, superb microscopic photography reveals some of the hidden wonders that enable butterflies to thrive on earth, while filling our eyes with unforgettable evidence of intelligent design in the living world.


Few sights in nature are as beautiful and wondrous as a bird in the air. This visually stunning short film explores the biological systems that make avian flight possible. In the process, compelling evidence for the purpose, foresight, and design on display throughout the created order is clearly and powerfully revealed.


Of all the epic animal migrations on earth, the sea turtle’s odyssey is one of the most remarkable. After hatching, baby sea turtles instinctively race to the sea where they float, swim, and grow for many years. Then, after reaching maturity, each uses a sophisticated navigational system embedded in its brain to chart the precise course back to the exact beach where it was born. There, the turtles lay their eggs and ensure future generations of their species.


On a beautiful afternoon in San Diego a stunt kite lights up the sky with an unforgettable aerial display. Yet, there is much more to this performance than just spectacular color and movement. As the fragile aircraft races through the sky, its erratic path becomes a metaphor for how the unpredictable nature of life’s ever-changing circumstances can define our relationship with God.


On a planet filled with living organisms that are wonderfully equipped to travel though water, one surprising creature stands out as the most efficient swimmer of them all—the jellyfish. This remarkable animal has no skeleton, blood or heart, yet it’s designed to expend the least amount of energy as it journeys through the oceans of the world. The biological engineering involved has captivated scientists who seek to re-create its unexpected genius in the form of robotic locomotion.


One of God’s unique attributes is omniscience—the ability to comprehend every detail of the past, present, and future with perfect wisdom and knowledge. The Scriptures tell us that he calls every star in the universe by name and knew each of us before we were born. But omniscience is more than knowing everything … for God is not only aware of our deepest sorrows and fears, he enters into them with us to bring healing, hope and deliverance.

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