The Way to Pray

Many believers admit that they do not pray as they should because they feel like they do not know how. In today's message, Pastor Daryl examines Jesus's teaching and example of prayer that every believer should follow.

Why Worry When We Can Pray

The ups and downs of life have a tendency to cause us to worry if we are not careful. In today's message, Pastor Daryl calls believers to exchange worry and anxiety with thankful prayer to the LORD.

Unlimited Access

Too often believers have thought about prayer as a once in awhile event, and not as a conversation with our God. In this message, Pastor Daryl teaches us that due to our commitment to Jesus, we have 24-hour access to approach our Father in heaven boldly in prayer.

Pass It On

God's mission in the world doesn't start and end with just you alone. In this message, Pastor Daryl calls believers to seek out others to pour into as disciples to continue the mission of God in the world.

Hills and Valleys

In times of despair, where do you look to find encouragement? In this message Pastor Daryl teaches us that even when despair and disappointed can come after spiritual great victories, we find our encouragement in the LORD and His faithfulness.

Direction U-Turn

Triumphant Entry for a Different Victory

The Showdown at Mount Carmel

The LORD will go to great lengths using His people to prove that He alone is God. In today's message Pastor Daryl teaches us why we are to trust the LORD alone as our source and our God, and look to no other.

Committed Service

God will use His people in unexpected ways to advance His mission in the world. In this message, Pastor Daryl shows why believers should commit themselves to be used by God, even when it's dangerous.

Contagious Faith

God loves to confirm His people to others by answering prayer. In today's message, Pastor Daryl calls for believers to exercise their faith in prayer to God so that others may come to know the LORD.

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