Triumphant Entry for a Different Victory

The Showdown at Mount Carmel

The LORD will go to great lengths using His people to prove that He alone is God. In today's message Pastor Daryl teaches us why we are to trust the LORD alone as our source and our God, and look to no other.

Committed Service

God will use His people in unexpected ways to advance His mission in the world. In this message, Pastor Daryl shows why believers should commit themselves to be used by God, even when it's dangerous.

Contagious Faith

God loves to confirm His people to others by answering prayer. In today's message, Pastor Daryl calls for believers to exercise their faith in prayer to God so that others may come to know the LORD.

Unexpected Provision

God will provide for His people even in bad circumstances. In this message, Pastor Daryl teaches that believers should stand for the Lord knowing that He will provide for our needs in tough times.

Can I Trust the Bible?Ê

Many people have numerous questions about wha the Bible is and why it should matter. In today's message, Pastor Daryl teaches us why we should study and apply the Bible to our lives, and why it can be trusted.

What's All the Fuss About Jesus?

The world offers various portraits and portrayals of Jesus that often look nothing like the Jesus of the Bible. In today's message, Pastor Daryl takes us through a Biblical survey of who the real Jesus is so that we may never be fooled with a counterfeit Jesus.

Is There Truly One Among Many?

Many today believe that all opinions, beliefs, and faith systems are equally valid. In this message, Pastor Daryl shows us that God has revealed truth to the world and any message that is contrary to God's truth is to be rejected.

Why God, Why?

We've all experienced hurt, pain, and suffering at some time in our lives. In this message, Pastor Daryl gives us answers from the word of God of how we ought to understand pain and suffering in view of God's faithfulness.

Is There Really a God

Does God exist and if there is a God, how can we know? In today's message, Pastor Daryl shows us the great lengths God has gone to in order to prove that He exists and that we can know Him truly.

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