What a Wonder-Filled Thanksgiving

We all have experiences where a Thank You is in order. In this message, Pastor Daryl exhorts us to reflect on how good and faithful God has been to His promise and give Him the thanks He deserves.

Training in Godliness

God will guide and protect His plans to show Himself faithful to His promises. Pastor Daryl explains how God will continue to exercise His sovereignty to bring about His promises and salvation in creation.

The Great I Am

Spiritual freedom and eternal salvation are found only in trusting Jesus as LORD. Today, Pastor Daryl teaches that everyone who hears the Word of Jesus is to believe He is LORD and trust Him by keeping His word.

A Fruitful Connection

Just as electronic devices must constantly stay connected to a power source, so it is true with believers. In this message, Pastor Daryl teaches how our constant reliance on Jesus Christ is our connection that ultimately empowers us to fulfill our God-given purpose.

One Way

Proper directions are imperative in reaching one’s desired destination. In this message, Pastor Daryl teaches that the only pathway to the kingdom of God is Jesus Christ.

Rise and Shine

Just about every faith system seeks to attain everlasting life. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl shows how eternal life is only found by faith in Jesus Christ.

Well Taken Care Of

Jesus says the He is the Good Shepherd. So what? Why should that matter to you? Pastor Daryl shares why it matters, and what's in it for you in today's study of Jesus.

VIP Entrance

Many ask the question, “How can I get into heaven?” In today’s message, Pastor Daryl teaches on the only entrance into the Kingdom of God is Jesus Christ.


In a world of darkness and chaos, we need light to reveal ultimate truth. Today, Pastor Daryl teaches that we only come to know ultimate truth through Jesus Christ, who is the Light of the World.

Our Nourishment

We all need food and water as nourishment for life in our physical bodies. In today’s message, Pastor Daryl teaches us that just as we need to eat and drink for physical life, we must continually trust in Jesus for true life.


Strong and healthy relationships take time and effort. Today, Pastor Daryl challenges believers to overlook small and petty differences, and accept one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

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