How does Jesus understand our hurts? How are we supposed to find healing?

A Love Problem

Struggling to find time to spend with the Lord? Maybe you don't have a scheduling problem, but a love problem.

The Importance of a Financial Plan

Are you not making enough money, or are you not planning well financially? Lonnie Berger talks about financial success in today's Every Man a Warrior Minute

The Right

How should we respond when we are offended? What does the Bible say?

Jack and Karen

What do you give value to? Do your finances reflect that?

Honor Your Wife

How does your wife long to be treated and valued by you? How are you to treat her?

The Light of Relationships

How you treat people - like your wife - can show the light of Christ.

Talk to God

How is feeling emotions part of being a godly man? Joe had only expressed anger until he began to read the scriptures.


What does it mean for the wife to be the helper? Lonnie Berger discusses the balance needed in a marriage and a family on today's Every Man a Warrior.


Robbie's story is one of miraculous healing through prayer and shows how God can use people to impact lives.


"To succeed as a Christian, you MUST give significant . . . " How does Lonnie Berger complete that sentence? Listen in to the answer in today's edition of "Every Man A Warrior Minute".

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