Consequences of Control

What happens when we try to control our teenagers? What are the consequences?

Giving, Providing, Saving

When it comes to money, the Bible talks about more than just giving. Lonnie Berger talks about three areas of money in today's Every Man a Warrior.

Train Not Control

Why is control a bad parenting control when raising teenagers?

The Light of Relationships

How you treat people - like your wife - can show the light of Christ.


Rules without relationship leads to rebellion. Rather than controlling your kids, how should you train them?

No One Knows the Future

God is committed to taking care of you, in good times and bad. Lonnie Berger gives a few reminders from scripture about trusting the Lord as we look towards an uncertain future.

Seeking Approval

How do our expectations impact our kids?


What does it mean for the wife to be the helper? Lonnie Berger discusses the balance needed in a marriage and a family on today's Every Man a Warrior.

Building Opportunities

How do you react when you face problems with your kids? What does it mean to train them?

You Are the Light of Christ

With times the way they are, how are you making the most of your opportunities to share Christ's love?

Raising Children in Our Culture

How are we to raise our children in such a worldly culture? That's today's topic with Lonnie Berger on Every Man a Warrior.

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