Nothing Can Separate Us from God

Are you afraid of what's going to happen to you? Are you fearful of the current pandemic? Where is God during this time? Pastor Doug Schroeder of "The Word Today" gives encouragement from Romans in this quick thought.

Is God Paying Attention to You?

Are you feeling small and less significant due to being helpless against the virus? Do you feel like God is nowhere near or doesn't notice your situation? Be encouraged by Pastor Doug Schroeder of "The Word Today" by listening to this short program.

The Cry of the Faithful Will Be Heard

No matter what you are going through, no matter what you are experiencing, be assured that God can and does hear His Children. Pastor Doug Schroeder of "The Word Today" encourages each of us in this quick thought from Psalm 22.

How Can God Use a Virus?

How can God use terrible things for good? For whom does this promise of God true? Pastor Doug Schroeder of "The Word Today" shares encouragement from Romans 8:28.

Are You Fearful?

We all must one day face death, but need it be something to fear? How can you avoid fearing what some people dread? Pastor Doug Schroeder of "the Word Today" shares the answer in this short but encouraging devotional thought.

Homeschooling Scheduling Tips

Do you need help with suddenly having to start home schooling? Here is a list of tips from a home school teacher with 32 years of experience.

When Jesus Observes Our Suffering - Part 1

Persecution is nothing new as it has been happening for thousands of years. How should the church cope? How should Christians cope with persecution today? Dr. Erwin Lutzer of "Running to Win" shares how in this episode.

When Jesus Observes Our Suffering - Part 2

In many places, being a witness for Jesus costs the life of the one witnessing. What did Polycarp say aloud to his persecutors? Dr. Erwin Lutzer shares hope in the turmoil of persecution.

When Jesus Observes Our Suffering - Part 3

Are you suffering from persecution? You are not alone. Dr Erwin Lutzer shares three things to keep in mind when turmoil from persecution comes your way.

Hope in the Midst of Turmoil

Whether it is a Tsunami, a virus, or personal safety of our children, where can we turn for solid help? Where do you turn? Lauren Libby, TWR President has wise counsel for you in this one minute program.

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