Hope Through Suffering

Are Christ followers exempt from suffering? Does the Bible say anything on suffering? Lauren Libby, TWR President, shares the answer in this short program.

Hope for the Hopeless

How can someone who has the Coronavirus get to Heaven after they die? How can someone be freed from the bondage of Satan?

Against All Hope

"Against all hope" is not a new challenge to cope with. How did they cope in those times in ancient days? Let Lonnie Berger share about an old man's way of coping with a hopeless situation.

Is There a God?

"Is there a God?" Have you asked that question? Are you asking it now? It is not a new question as many have asked it. Listen to this radio drama to gain a solid answer.

Is There Really a God?

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Is there really a God?" You are not alone in your quest for God. Dr. Richard Bennett shares from his book "Your Quest for God" in this program.


Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with some fear heavily on your mind? What was the fear you had? What can you do about it? Listen to Lauren Libby share hope in overcoming fear in this short program.

Death with Christ

Where are you turning in this difficult time? To whom do you turn when things aren't going as you want? Dorothy Bennett shares a devotional thought you would be wise to hear in this edition of "Dorothy's Daily Devotional".

God Know Who I Am

So, what is God like? Who is God? What do we know about Him? How would God be able to share with you about Him? What does God know about you? Learn the answers in this audio drama about God.

God is our Strength

Are you asking, "Where is God in this time of the COVID-19?"? Lonnie Berger shares the answer in this edition of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".

Your Values

Will this terrible coronavirus change your values? Maybe the better question is "How will this terrible coronavirus change your values?" Lonnie Berger shares on this in this edition of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".

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