God is our Strength

Are you asking, "Where is God in this time of the COVID-19?"? Lonnie Berger shares the answer in this edition of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".

Your Values

Will this terrible coronavirus change your values? Maybe the better question is "How will this terrible coronavirus change your values?" Lonnie Berger shares on this in this edition of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".

Hope from Grief

Have you recently lost a loved one? Do you need some help coping with grief? Lauren Libby shares some help and hope with you in this edition of "Get Hope".

Reason for Hope

Feeling hopeless? These two ladies have much encouragement for you, giving you reasons for having hope, including showing where to place your hope. Listen to Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason in this edition of "Hope Has a Name".

Hope Through Death

What are you holding on to today that God wants for you to let go? Why would He want that? Lauren Libby's answer may surprise you in this edition of "Get Hope".

Cry Out!

"And they cried out to the Lord" was said by people of old going through terrible times. These are terrible times now! Are you just crying or are you crying out to the Lord? What's the difference? Let Lonnie Berger shed some light on the this in this edition of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".


Who do you dare to trust with you? What does it mean to "fear the Lord"? Why would Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason encourage you to do such a bold action? Listen to this edition of "Hope Has a Name" to find out.

Does God Care About You?

As part of a series "Hard Questions about God", this episode focuses on whether or not God cares about you. Listen to Thomas in this audio drama to learn the answer.

When Fear Runs Wild

Are you like King Jeroboam of ancient times? He made a choice and let his fear run wild. In the edition of "Real Hope Minute", Dr. Jeff Schreve shares the story and gives encouragement to trust God.

Light and Glory

Whereas some people believe in reincarnation, others view suicide as a terminal solution for their pain and problems. Death is not the end of life, it is moving from one realm to another. “It is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment”. Death is not extinction but a continuance of life either in Heaven or Hell. Our decision to receive Christ will determine our ultimate destiny. When should this be decided?

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