Your Struggle for Contentment, Part 2

Christianity is not simply a program for promoting good behavior. What matters is not just that we do the right things. Because murder, adultery, stealing and lying are only symptoms of the disease. Find out what the disease is.

Your Struggle for Contentment, Part 1

Many people do not feel their need for a Savior. But the apostle Paul makes it clear that even morally upright people, like he was, still need a Savior.

Your Struggle with Truth, Part 2

Some Christians have become confused about what is appropriate when it comes to speaking the truth. Did you know it’s possible to abuse the truth? A terrorist is someone who destroys things. A truth terrorist is someone who uses the truth to destroy things.

Your Struggle with Truth, Part 1

Lies always have a source and Jesus said that Satan is “the father of lies.” His rebellion began when he lost touch with reality and conceived the idea that instead of worshiping God, he should take the place of God. Find out how he deceives people.

Your Struggle for Integrity, Part 2

What does it mean to keep the 8th commandment: You shall not steal? Well, the best way to avoid going down the wrong road is to take the right road. Discover the surprising place where that begins.

Your Struggle for Integrity, Part 1

The 8th commandment says, “You shall not steal.” This definition will help you take in the challenge of this command: Stealing is trying to get as much as possible, while giving as little as possible.

Your Struggle for Purity, Part 2

When you are climbing and you feel like you’re going to fall, you don’t need someone shouting at you, you need someone to show you where to put your foot so you can keep moving forward. Discover how you can learn to walk in sexual purity.

Your Struggle for Purity, Part 1

Some would say that they’ve never really struggled with the 7th commandment: You shall not commit adultery, but Jesus made it very clear that this issue of purity includes even our thoughts. Find out where the door of hope is… even when your purity has been compromised.

Your Struggle for Peace, Part 2

If you go through your whole life and never commit a murder, does that mean you’ve kept God’s command: You shall not murder? Discover the applications Jesus made from the sixth commandment.

Your Struggle for Peace, Part 1

Ever wonder why so many people who follow the command: You shall not murder, still feel that it’s ok to harm animals and eat meat? Why is this command applied only to people and not also to animals, which are part of God’s creation?

Your Struggle with Authority, Part 2

Some parents aren’t worthy of honor. But God commands us to “honor” our father and mother. So how do you honor a parent (or anyone else) who’s exercised authority over you in an unworthy manner?

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