New Destiny, Part 1

What sins and flaws do you struggle with? What sins or flaws would you expect to find in any authentic Christian community? Pastor Colin helps us understand this, so we can have more realistic expectations of the church.

New Humility, Part 2

Are you someone who ‘makes things happen’? Do you also struggle with anxiety? There is a real connection between anxiety and pride.

New Humility, Part 1

Humility is a unique challenge for two groups of people: 1. Those who have high moral principles, and 2. Those who’ve experienced great success.

New Reality, Part 2

Do you think your Christian experience is strange? Maybe you’ve been experiencing some difficulties lately. Pastor Colin talks about what the “normal” Christian life looks like.

New Reality, Part 1

What do you expect the Christian life to be like? Are your expectations realistic? What kind of life can you expect if you follow a crucified Savior? Pastor Colin talks about the kind of expectations the Bible gives us.

New Urgency, Part 2

When are you going to start living for Christ? Three clocks are ticking: 1. Your time, 2. Their time, and 3. Our time. Pastor Colin helps us discover what each has to say about how we are to live as Christians.

New Urgency, Part 1

Are you willing to do what is right? What if it costs you something? Pastor Colin helps us discover what happens to our obedience when we’re ready to pay the price.

New Confidence, Part 2

Are you surrounded by people who are highly resistant to the gospel? So was Noah. And God still used him as a model for how to share your faith. Pastor Colin explains some encouraging reason why.

New Confidence, Part 1

A picture is worth a thousand words… but the gospel of Jesus Christ cannot be fully grasped through images alone. Pastor Colin explains what’s missing in our witness if we rely simply on images.

New Relationships, Part 2

The Bible never says that we have to be perfect before God will listen to our prayers. But he sometimes chooses not to listen. Pastor Colin shows us why God sometimes presses the “mute” button on our prayers.

New Relationships, Part 1

Many people are convinced that God hears every prayer, offered by every person, in every circumstance. But this is simply not true. Pastor Colin shows us when and why God presses the “mute” button on our prayers.

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