WTB NT Session 12

Session 12 deals with the meaning of the words Jesus said to Peter "On this rock I will build My Church".

WTB NT Session 13

Session 13 looks at the place where 3 disciples saw the inner nature of Jesus, that is His Divine nature , being revealed. We will see what His glory is like and become amazed at the fact that the Holy Spirit is working in the lives of Jesus Followers to change them to be like Jesus.

WTB NT Session 14

Session 14 confronts us with the need to test the reality of our faith.

WTB NT Session 15

Session 15 Explores what it means to care for the lost and illustrated how the lost can find family restoration.

WTB NT Session 17

Session 17 is all about a man that ripped people off until his life was transformed when he met a man under a tree

WTB NT Session 18

WTB NT Session 18. There is no one as blind as those who don't want to see. The King offered Himself to His people but they ??? You will find out in this video.

WTB NT Session 19

Session 19 confronts the destruction of the greatest privilege man kind has for the sake of making money

WTB NT Session 20

Session 20 Lest we forget; words that we are all familiar with and we are prone to forget. Jesus gave us one simple way to remember Him by and this is it.

WTB NT Session 21

Session 21 Did you know that all of God's recourses are at you disposal in Jesus, if you are part of His forever family.

WTB NT Session 22

Session 22 The same sun the melts butter hardens clay is seen in Judas' betrayal

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