Hospitality is about welcoming and making people comfortable in your home. God is hospitable. We should follow his example of welcoming and caring for others.

Connecting with People / Connecting with God

How do you make friends? Did you know that God wants to be friends with you? Listen to this program that includes the real story of Easter.

Difficult Pregnancies

Listen to the stories of two women who had difficult pregnancies. God may seem distant at difficult times, but he is still with us. And he hurts along with us.

Early Speech / Power of Words

Learn about the effects of unkind and kind words. The Bible tells us about the power of words.

Breast Cancer / Margaret's Story

How is breast cancer detected and treated? Carol shares Margaret’s story of how the diagnosis of breast cancer made her return to a walk with the Lord.

Kitchen Hygiene / Peter's Vision

Hear about the importance of kitchen hygiene. Today's Bible lesson tells how God welcomes people from every nation.

Protect Your Children / Precious to God

Every child deserves to be protected from sexual abuse. Learn how to help a child who has been molested. Children are so precious to God!

Smoking / Setting Priorities

Today we’re talking about how we could give up smoking. Naomi is with us with a story from Australia. She learned an important lesson when a brush fire threatened their home.

Back Pain / The Gospel Spreads

Here's some advice about what to do if we hurt our backs. In today's Bible story we will hear how Stephen preached the good news of Jesus, but some people didn’t like it.

Tantrums / Jonah's Tantrum

This is about children's temper tantrums. Adults have tantrums sometimes, too, and even lose control of themselves. Today's Bible story is about a man who lost his temper with God!

Abuse Survivors

Learn about the effects of abuse. People can find true freedom in Christ, who is Lord over sin and spirits.

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