Get a Good Sleep! / God's Special Rest

Listen to some ideas on how to improve your sleep. Just as our bodies need rest, so our souls need the peace and rest of knowing God. He will give us his special peace when we ask him.

Abuse / Jesus Taught His Followers to Love

We talk about abuse when a person who has power uses it to please themselves. They hurt a person who is weaker than they are. Jesus taught his followers to protect the powerless and speak up for them.

House or Home / Where Does God Live?

Wherever we live we can do things to make our house into a home – with security and love. Have you wondered where God lives? He is not confined to a place or object. God is everywhere at all times.

Life Balance / Our Relationship with God

Are you so busy with responsibilities that you cannot time to take to care for your own needs? We need a healthy balance for work and the rest of life.

Occupational Safety / Protecting our Soul

We work every day at many things and have a lot of people who depend on us. It's good to protect our body so that we do not get injured. It's even more important to protect our soul or our spirit.

Betty's Story Part 2 / Hope

It's easy to become discouraged and bitter when struggling with cancer. But we can have faith that our loving Father will get us through the trial.

Budgeting / Biblical Thinking about Money

Did you know that God’s word has a lot to say about our attitudes to money? We need to understand that everything we have comes from God.

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