Taking the Long-term View

How to find peace in Christ Jesus by looking at the big picture.

Coping with Grief / Comfort in Grief

How can grief affect a person? How can we work through grief in order to heal and move on with life? One thing is that we can take comfort from God’s word.

Names / Jesus as Prophet

Names / Jesus as Prophet

Names people call you – remember the good and not the bad names. One of Jesus’ names was ‘prophet’ – he also gave us messages from his father, God.

Anger and Self Control

Anger affects our relationships. Tita tells of her own struggle with anger. We need to allow God’s Holy Spirit to guide us and help us live our lives without hurting others

Rebekah and Isaac

Who you promise to marry is important! When God gives us a promise in his word we can really trust him to do it!


Disasters happen at the worst times. How can you be prepared for disaster and how should you respond in a disaster? God sees and cares when disaster strikes.

Care of Animals / Jesus the Good Shepherd

Our gardener Harley is back. We’re going to listen to a conversation that he had with Arti about getting some backyard animals. There's not enough room for a cow, but maybe some chickens, ducks or rabbits!


Many of us say that we are tired and not getting the rest we need. We can rest in Jesus Christ. How? Listen to today's edition of Women of Hope to find out.

Impetigo / Jesus, the Healer

Impetigo is a skin infection that commonly affects school-age children. It is contagious, but can be easily treated. Jesus had pity on a man with leprosy, a dreaded skin disease. He compassionately cured the man and made him completely well.

Worms / Jesus, Lord over Spirits

Did you know that it's estimated one quarter of the world's population has roundworms? Worms cause problems in a person's body and must be driven out. Jesus ordered evil spirits to leave the bodies of people; he brought healing to them.

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