Teeth / Thankfulness

You are never fully dressed without a smile! Healthy teeth can give you something to be thankful for. Hear about a woman who spread the gift of thankfulness.

Rejection / Accepted by God

Listen as Tita tells the story of a woman who learned she is a valuable person. God does not reject us, but accepts us just as He made us--valuable and worthwhile!

Betty's Story Part 2 / Hope

It's easy to become discouraged and bitter when struggling with cancer. But we can have faith that our loving Father will get us through the trial.

Pains in the Chest / Consequences of Sin

Everything we do has consequences. We sometimes eat food or do things without thinking about what will happen later as a result!


Hospitality is about welcoming and making people comfortable in your home. God is hospitable. We should follow his example of welcoming and caring for others.

Respiratory Illnesses / Trusting God

We need fresh air to keep us alive and healthy. It is the same way with our soul. Negative feelings can easily fill up our minds and hearts, and soon they will suffocate our joy.

Depression / God's Comfort

Give your sorrows and pain to Jesus, He cares. You can trust the Promises in His Word, the Bible.

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