The God Who Upholds Us

Have you pondered much about God? In Whom should you put your trust? Pastor Chuck Smith gives the answer in today's edition of "The Word for Today".

The Virtuous Woman

Listen in to Chuck's explanation of a Mother's words to her son.

More Exhortations

Have you ever been cut? Have you ever been cut by a muscle? Perhaps you have without knowing it was a muscle. Perhaps you have cut others with this muscle.


There is more hope for a fool than for this type of person. What kind of person?

Relationships with Fools - pt 2

Who does hatred actually hurt? In today's edition, Pastor Chuck's answer to this may surprise you.

Relationships with Fools

The proverbs having nothing good to say about a fool, but they also say there is a type of person for whom there is less hope that for a fool.

The Mercy of God

So often in the Bible we learn of how God would foil the plans of the wicked. How does that relate to the Proverbs?

Regulating Various Activities

How can old statements help me today? Listen to Pastor Chuck explain Proverbs 27 to learn how.

Today and Tomorrow

What good are ancient proverbs today? Pastor Chuck helps us realize the proverbs are relevant for today.

Wise Sayings of Solomon

What does it mean to "heap coals of fire upon their heads"? Pastor Chuck serves up his thoughts on what this means in today's edition.

Wise Exhortations

Even after Solomon passed off the scene, more of his proverbs get included into the book called Proverbs.

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