The Real Test - Part 2

Today on "Bold Steps with Dr. Mark Jobe" we will see that our love for God isn't measured by how we feel but by . . .

The Real Test - Part 1

What is the difference between a relationship and fellowship?

Coming Clean - Part 2

A close walk with Christ requires a change in . . .

Coming Clean - Part 1

Dr. Mark Jobe shares tips in today's edition of "Bold Steps" on how to be right with God, such as . . .

The Real Thing - Part 2

There are many people who think they are on the way to heaven, but . . .

The Real Thing - Part 1

How can we discern what is true and what is not?

Revolutionary Prayer - Part 2

What kind of father would give his son a snake when asked for a fish? What is God like when we ask Him for something?

Revolutionary Prayer - Part 1

Today on Bold Steps, Pastor Mark Jobe discusses the revolutionary power of prayer. We are in a series of messages that are based on Jesus’ revolutionary teachings as seen on the Sermon on the Mount. Looking back on Matthew chapters five and six, Jesus had given the people there a lot to think about. And He’s given us a lot to think about, as well! And then with the start of chapter 7, He moves on to showing us how we can have wisdom, power, and insight to put everything we’ve been learning into practice by Asking … seeking … and knocking.

The Revolutionary Church - Part 2

Today on Bold Steps, Pastor Mark Jobe shows us what it means to be a Revolutionary Church as we continue our study regarding the Sermon on the Mount. We’ll be learning more about a unique challenge that Mark has dubbed … Jesus’ upside-down Kingdom challenge. We’ll find all the details in the book of Matthew and we’ll even discover characteristics of those who are part of God’s Kingdom … the challenge to define the core meaning of Christianity … and the call to be a city on a hill.

The Revolutionary Church - Part 1

Today on Bold Steps with Pastor Mark Jobe … we’re learning what it means to have Kingdom values. The dictionary describes a revolution as a radical and pervasive change in society. And there have been many revolutionaries to grace the pages of history over the years, but only one man stands heads and shoulders above the crowd. As we begin a new series today … Mark is going to be taking us to the Sermon on the Mount … with the hopes that God will start a revolution in our lives through Jesus’ powerful teaching. The fifth and seventh chapters of the book of Matthew are the longest portion of Jesus’ teaching … and it’s also the portion of Scripture that’s aimed right at our heart. The message is titled, The Revolutionary Church.

Yielding To God - Part 2

Do you want more of God’s presence in your life? Today on Bold Steps, we’re learning how to make room, by simply … Yielding to God. Today’s lesson might be a challenging one for many of us, as Pastor Mark Jobe is showing us just how important it is to submit to the will of God. Often times, without even realizing it, we begin to assume total control over every part of our lives. We do what we want to do with our finances, our time, and our relationships. But as Christians, we’re meant to be living under the authority of God … not ourselves. Join us now in James 4 to get a better grasp of this important truth.

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