Living with Integrity

How should we live while we wait for Jesus' return?

the Call

Did you know that everyone who is a follower of Jesus is called? To what?


Why did Paul want to stick around? Are you living with an eternal perspective?

Your Progress in the Faith

What is God working on in your character?

Progress and Joy

Why did Paul want to delay getting to heaven?

Concerns in Life

When your life is over, will the concerns that just about consume you now prove to have been that important?

A Word in a Box

What word should be in the center of your box of your life?

To Live Is Christ

What did Paul mean when he said "for me, to live is Christ"?

Body, Soul and Spirit

What part of you interacts with God?

Joy is a Choice

Joy is not the same thing as happiness. Joy is . . .

Carrying Your Own Load

While helping others, don't forget to . . .

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