Just the Shell

Key Thought: Your body is your shell.

Spend Wisely

Key Thought: Spend your life wisely.

The Unpatched Crack

Key Thought: Jesus covers our sins.

Supporting Stakes

Key Thought: Welcome your parent's support.

The Living God

Key Thought: Jesus is alive!

Will the Ringing Ever Stop?

Key Thought: Christians will be resurrected. Editor's note: This story may not be suitable for young or sensitive children.

The Good--and Bad--of Good Friday

Key Thought: Without Good Friday, there's no Easter.

Selfie Problem

Key Thought: Put others first.

Little Owls' Big Day

Key Thought: God watches over you.

Salt and Such

Key Thought: Salt other people's lives.

Let's Trade

Key Thought: Knowing Jesus lasts forever.

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