Counting the Cost

Eternal life is free BUT there is a cost to following Christ. What is that cost? How would you know if it is worth it? What can be learned from a moral man who ran to Jesus?

Simple Childlike Faith

Are you more of a doorway or a wall when it comes to being between people and Jesus? Why does Jesus say that anyone who comes to Him has to come like a little child?

God Designed Marriage

Is divorce really the best way to solve your marriage problems as some suggest? How can your marriage be better than new? Listen to Alex share how it can be better in this edition of "In His Steps".

A Call to be Salt in the World

Why would Jesus call us to be salt in the midst of our society? The world is a mess. So what does Jesus want you to be and do? Listen to Alex share the answer in this edition of "In His Steps".

Considering Your Eternal Destiny

Why would Jesus give such a stern warning against harming children? You know what He said, right? If not, listen to Alex in this edition of "In His Steps" so you know why.

Christians Need to Work Together

How should Christians treat others who claim to be Christians? Should those who call themselves Christians, work with others who do likewise, but may be a bit different? Today, Alex shows from scripture the answers to these and other questions on "In His Steps".

Becoming Humble Before God

Does God know your thoughts? Why should you have to humble yourself before God? Alex answers shares on an interesting scene from the life of Jesus in this edition of ":In His Steps".

Making the Impossible Possible

Why couldn't the disciples of Jesus heal the boy, but Jesus could? How did Jesus fight the demons? In today's study, Alex shares how in this edition of "In His Steps".

John the Baptist Prepares the Way

Who was "John the Baptist"? Why did he come? What did he have to do with Elijah? What role did he play in Jesus' life? Alex answers these questions and more in today's edition of "In His Steps".

Glory of Christ Revealed

What was the significance of Jesus and 3 disciples being up on the mountain? What happened to Jesus that He changed colors? Who's Jesus? Let Alex help you understand what happened and what it meant in this episode of "In His Steps".

Beware of Rejecting the Shame of the Cross

Can God use you for His glory? Do you think you are too far gone for Him to use? What do fish and loaves of bread teach us today? Alex's study today may well surprise you as the look into Jesus' life continues.

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