The True Bread

Bread has been called the staff of life. It is usually made from grain: wheat, barley, rye, or rice. Of course, this bread satisfies only for the day. Is there better bread? Jesus offers us the bread of life.

The First Thing in Life

What is the first or most important thing in life? How do we not waste our time with less important things in life? Jesus provides answers to these questions in John 6.

How to Conquer Fear

Medical doctors tell us we were born with fear. Our emotion of fear takes various shapes as we are influenced by where we live, by the fears of our parents, or others around us. Is there any help for inborn fears, or fears that we develop? In John 6:15-21, we find out how to conquer fear.

Five Loaves for 5,000

We all have faced great difficulties in life. Perhaps right now you are having difficulty. You hardly know how to examine or solve your problem. You look at it. As you look, it gets bigger, doesn’t it? How do you plan to deal with the difficulty you are in right now?

God the Son - His Call

There are many who know something about Jesus. Some know only His name. Others know little more about Him. They know He was born in Bethlehem. They know He grew up in Nazareth and Galilee. They know His teaching was carried on throughout the Holy Land and often in the city of Jerusalem. They even know that He was crucified on Calvary outside the old city of Jerusalem. And they know the record says that He was raised from the dead. But all this knowledge is useless unless the person who knows these facts about Jesus accepts Him for who He is, God the Son.

God the Son - His Purpose

Jesus, God the Son, carried out His purpose closely associated with the Father: He performed the will of the Father; He accomplished the work of the Father; He received the witness of the Father. Do you see that this Someone who is distinct and absolutely unique is God the Son? How do you respond to Him?

God the Son - His Nature

Jesus is not merely a prophet or a man aspiring to be God. He is God come in the flesh! As such He possesses equality, unity, and authority with the Father. It is therefore important that you and I both pay attention to God the Son.

Faith That Acts

Everybody believes in something. The widespread practice of religion proves this. It is important what we believe in, and then how our faith acts. Putting our faith into action requires processes of waiting, weariness, walking, and of being well.

How to Find Help

We are all dependent creatures. Nobody is completely independent. All of us are dependent upon those around us, but sometimes even they cannot help us. When there seems to be no one to help you, where do you turn?

How to Know Christ Truly

How do you know Jesus? Do you believe Jesus is who He said He is? If you exercise faith in Him, He will reveal Himself to you.

How to Test What is Important

Every one of us has a set of values by which we judge events and experiences. We also use this set of values to judge the quality of an object: a piece of clothing or a purchase of food. How do you decide what is important in life? Jesus shows us what is truly important in John 4:27-38.

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