The Assignment of the Apostle

The Revelation has to do with the things that shall take place in the future. John has a revelation and is told that the seven lampstands are the churches and the One in the midst of the lampstands is Christ. Chapters four and five are absolutely beautiful, filled with profound truth about heaven. Chapters six through nineteen focus on one little seven-year period known as the Great Tribulation, which is one among all the events called the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Saints Sing and Sinners Salute

The mission objective for the Mini Bible College is to get people into the Word of God and to get the Word of God into the people. One key objective in reading the Book of Revelation should be to worship God and the Christ of the Revelation, who is King of kings and Lord of lords. If Jesus the Son of God said He did not know, we must be humble about the chronology of all the events covered in the Revelation.

Family and Marriage

This is a topical study designed for married couples or those who are planning to be married soon. God uses the picture of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ for His Church to model the love a husband is to have for his wife. We will study the marriage links: spiritual foundation, tool of communication, compatibility, love - the dynamic of being one, understanding, and the sexual union of a happily married couple, to be the joyful expression of the oneness.

Family and Marriage Leaders Guide

Family and Marriage Student Workbook

The Law of Marriage and Family

God’s design for family and marriage gives our relationship a beautiful and meaningful purpose and accomplishes His plans for the world. In scripture there is a providential dimension to marriage; it is to be a permanent and exclusive relationship, but also to be inclusive in the sense that it includes every part of the husband and wife’s lives: their spirits, minds, hearts, and bodies. When couples are united as one, and live in this kind of unity, they reflect God’s purpose for marriage.

The Sevenfold Tie of Marriage

Good communication is the tool that helps us maintain and strengthen a husband and wife to work on their oneness. Just as we maintain and cultivate our relationship with Christ by communicating with Him in prayer and listening for His voice, married couples must maintain and cultivate their relationship with each other. Communication is like turning a light on our relationship, exposing things that would harm the oneness and revealing things that would help us grow closer.

Compatibility - the Evidence of Oneness

Compatibility is the evidence of the oneness God designed for a husband and wife. Compatibility includes our: physical relationship, values, spiritual maturity, moral issues, how we spend our time and money, children issues, and every other area of life together. Your spiritual compatibility is foundational in defining the roles and responsibilities each have. In order to maintain compatibility, we must accept our spouse's strengths and weaknesses. The Bible gives us several instructions about how husbands and wives should relate to each other.

Compatibility and Love

Love is the great expression of the oneness God intended when He said, “The two shall become one flesh.” One big problem in marriage is selfishness. When we learn to treat our spouse unselfishly—to put our spouse’s needs at the center—we begin to love as Jesus does. Divine love is best described in 1 Corinthians 13 and shows us how we should love others. With agape love, marriage can truly be fulfilling and everything God intended it to be.

Love and a Biblical Perspective on Divorce

Oneness—the two becoming one flesh—is the foundation of a marriage relationship, and love is the expression of that oneness. Without agape love, we can never have the kind of marriage God intended. This kind of love is irreplaceable, indestructible, unconditional, inspirational, and irresistible. We must realize this kind of love is impossible without God’s help. God intended marriages to be indissoluble and hates divorce. God’s Word teaches us to have boundaries for marriage that protect and preserve the relationship.

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