ELIJAH - a man for the times - God’s Glory increases our Faith

Barbara Sandbek has been following the prophet Elijah on his ‘BOARDWALK’ of life. Elijah seems to have a MONOPOLY on receiving God’s prophetic word and seeing His promises fulfilled. He LANDED first at a palace. To avoid being sent ‘DIRECTLY TO JAIL’ by King Ahab when he told him of God’s impending punishment, he fled into a wilderness. There he was fed from the COMMUNITY CHEST by a raven. When his WATER WORKS dried up, he moved to a pagan city, where he took the CHANCE to trust God to provide his needs through a starving widow. This certainly wasn’t the HIGH RENT DISTRICT, but he didn’t have to pay rent at any of these places - God gave him FREE PARKING. The widow ‘ROLLED DOUBLES’ when she obeyed Elijah’s command to make a cake for him, first, and then for herself and her son. God kept his promise. There was enough food for ALL of them until the rain came. Elijah may feel like HE’S been winning the monopoly game so far, but this next faith test will show him that God is in control, especially when he comes to the end of his resources. On this program, we’ll hear about another miracle God performed for the widow. This one will finally cause her to believe.

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