ELIJAH - a man for the times - God's multi-purpose, multi-person plan

Barbara Sandbek has been taking us on a faith building journey with the prophet, Elijah. We’ve seen how God stationed Elijah in the royal palace, where he delivered a prophetic message of impending drought to King Ahab. Then God sent him to the wilderness, where his only company was that of a raven. Last week we found Elijah settling in, but God soon dried up the brook -- his source of life. Now it was time for him to go to a territory ruled by Queen Jezebel’s father, and be cared for by the human hands of a poor, gentile widow, facing starvation. Sounds like ‘Mission Impossible’ doesn’t it? Well, the Lord had said to Sarah, Abraham’s barren wife, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”, and He challenges US to believe that EVERYTHING is possible when we act in obedience. Elijah chose to accept this mission and found that NOTHING would ‘self-destruct’ without God’s say so.

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