Dr. Daniel Akin teaches out of 3 John 1-14 on the important question of "Are you on mission with God?" Looking at the examples of Gaius, Diotrephes, and Demetrius, we will learn ten ways to live on mission. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 8:29 - Gaius: A man with the right passions 8:59 - Live spiritually 12:59 - Walk truthfully 14:40 - Serve faithfully 18:07 - Give generously 23:53 - Diotrephes: A man with a harmful agenda 24:10 - Beware of prideful ambition 25:37 - Learn to submit to proper authority 27:43 - Don't lie about others to further your agenda 28:50 - Don't be a bully and mistreat others 30:50 - Demetrius: A man with a good testimony 31:25 - Be a good example 35:03 - Have a good testimony #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis

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