Warmth in Giving

Genesis Affirms We’re Created for Community

When Christians open the first book of the Bible we often ask, “Is the earth a few thousand years old or billions of years old?”… read more
Jeff Zweerink Science News Weekly Round-Up

Through a Calamity

"Through a calmity, He [God] had used that [a typhoon] for His glory," explains TWR's George Ross on today's Footsteps. You'll… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

The Glory of God’s Army

Read Colossians 1:13-16. … read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Exploring the Book of Joel with Tony Evans

There are some mysteries about the prophet Joel and his ministry. We know very little about him, except that his father was named Pethuel. Nor do we… read more
Dr. Tony Evans The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans

7 Ways Satan Manipulates People

Read 2 Corinthians 11:3-4. … read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

They Must Be Important

According to Britannica, "apologetics" is defined as "the intellectual defense of the truth of the Christian religion."(1) On… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Why ATP? A Creation Model Perspective

There’s quite a buzz surrounding cryptocurrency these days. Plenty of people see investing in cryptocurrencies as a way to get rich quickly. … read more
Dr. Fazale Rana Science News Weekly Round-Up

Actively Listening in Prayer

Have you ever known someone who would call you on the telephone, talk what seemed like a thousand words a minute, and then, when he finished telling… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

It Saved My Life

In his work with Nations One for Christ, Dan Hatfield builds Christian radio stations in First Nations villages located in some of the most remote… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

New Evidence for a JFK Conspiracy?

I’ve been studying the John F. Kennedy assassination for more than 50 years. I have more than 50 books on the life, administration, and… read more
Kenneth R. Samples Science and Faith Building Blocks

Prayer Has a Purpose

Five minutes per day is the average amount of time most Christians spend in prayer. It should come as no surprise, then, that many of us don’t… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Hope for Younger People

"We know it's the younger generation that's really going to have the impact of growing the Church," maintains Dan Hatfield, CEO of… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Deliver Us from Pride

Each day our prayer should be, “Lord, deliver me from evil.” … read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Lead Us Not into Temptation

During the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad, builders had to construct an elaborate trestle across a deep canyon. After it was built, the… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Pursuing the Kingdom of God

Every day, millions of people pray the Lord’s Prayer without understanding what it means to pray, “[Y]our kingdom come, your will be… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

All They Need Is Peace

Tim Whitehead serves as the Executive Director of Galcom International Canada, and on today's Footsteps, I ask Tim, "Is there a particular… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

18-Year-Old Miracle: Trusting God When You Fear the Worst

By Doug Hutchcraft … read more
Ron Hutchcraft A Word with You

Bad ideas have bad consequences!

As Darwin’s theory came into acceptance, “experts” began treating human beings as glorified animals without moral accountability.… read more
Mark W. Cadwallader Creation Moments Radio

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