New: Premium Features for My360 Members!

When people visit TWR360, they can access the content as guests or create a personal My360 account that lets them tag programs as Favorites and create program Playlists. Now after months of development, My360 members have fresh options for personal engagement with TWR360 and partner content.

One new option - Program Subscription by Email - lets My360 members subscribe to their favorite programs to have the latest episodes delivered to their email inboxes. Another new option - Prayer Wall - lets My360 members gather online as a global community of prayer warriors. My360 members can visit the Prayer Wall, submit prayer requests, pray for others and offer encouragement to others around the world!

Coming Soon: TWR360's Custom Bible Interface
Now in development is a breakthrough upgrade to the TWR360 Read the Bible page. Since 2013, we have relied on a long-standing YouVersion partnership to provide free access to the bible online. Although YouVersion is a phenomenal service that is blessing millions, the YouVersion interface is not as user-friendly when it resides on another platform, such as the TWR360 Read the Bible page.
This new forthcoming development upgrade will present a user-friendly Bible interface that is designed specifically for TWR360. This is due in part to TWR360's growing partnership with The Digital Bible Library. We plan to make an announcement soon about the unveiling of this new TWR360 Bible interface!
Trends: User Engagement Quality Metrics are Up!
Compare TWR360 User Metrics in March 2019 to March 2018 and you will immediately see major differences. Pages per Session are up by 31.1%. Session Duration is up by 76.7%. Bounce Rate is down by 17.84%.  These are great trends to highlight, because the focus tends to be on web/app traffic "quantity" stats such as Sessions, Users and Pageviews. Yes, high traffic quantity is encouraging, but it is the quality of user engagement that reveals whether or not the users are having good experiences. These quality indicators include how long users are on the platform (session duration), how many pages they are viewing (pages per session) and whether or not they are actually interacting with the content (streams, downloads, views, etc.).
What does all this mean for TWR360? We are pleased to report a significant improvement in TWR360 user engagement quality. We believe this is due to our shift in 2019 to target digital marketing funds on specific promotions of ministry partner content, and to reduce the marketing dollars going toward generalized promotions such as Music and Radio, Video, TWR360 brand, etc.
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TWR360 is the global internet media platform for its parent organization TWR. TWR360 specializes in fast internet delivery of bible-based media content produced by its many partners in 100+ languages. TWR360's tag line is "Faith for Your World." Its slogan is "TWR360 provides free biblical content to people worldwide, in their native heart languages, anytime, anywhere, on any connected device."

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