For years now, Christians have decried the effects of multiculturalism – where values are reduced to “tolerance” … but end up being “intolerance” of Christian values.

Multiculturalism has worked against the Christian consensus that has been so long a mainstay of American society and of Western Civilization. We have seen its effects in the public schools and universities as well as in multinational corporations and governments. Indeed, there is a visceral hatred in many people toward anyone who would challenge the notion that multiculturalism and its offshoot –illegal immigration – may be a bad thing.

Contrary to what many Christians may think, biblical Christianity does not teach simple accommodation of foreign entities and cultures. “Rid me, and deliver me from the hand of strange children (aliens, foreigners – in most other translations), whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood” (Psalm 144:11). Though it may be politically incorrect today to preach as much, the Bible warns us not to “mingle among the heathen” as it will be a “snare” for us and our children (Psalm 106:35-37). And that this was a great mistake of the Jewish people in the Promised Land. In fact, it damaged the faith of future generations. There comes a point when multiculturalism is simply overwhelming to a culture trying to maintain a basis in biblical principle and morality.

Today, whether in Europe or in America, we are seeing an intense push for open borders by the socialist, humanist and political left, as well as by cheap labor corporatists. And they are supported by liberal Christianity as well. Christianity has been infected by socialist “liberation theology”, biblical compromise and so-called “higher criticism” – which says you must critique the Bible and dismiss much of it by assuming truths from evolution theory.

Christians may be tempted to compromise with false philosophy when biblical truth and secular ideas seem to be in conflict. But standing on God’s Word is the key – and the Bible tells us there is a reward for it in the end. Much of what has happened in terms of the degradation of Western Culture is due to the acceptance of and toleration for multiculturalism, in what amounts to “mingling” with false philosophy. And evolution is right there, supporting much of it!

- Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

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About The Author

Mark W. Cadwallader

Mark W. Cadwallader is Board Chairman of Creation Moments and has served on the Board since 1996. He holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston and has worked as an applied materials scientist and engineer in plastics, oil additives, and pollution control for 20 years. He operates his own consulting firm, providing product development and expert failure analysis among other services. Mark has been a supporter of Creation Moments since 1983 and credits the ministry for opening his faith to the unerring credibility of the Bible in all areas including science, and thus helping to transform his life. Mark has published over 100 articles and conference papers in his scientific field of expertise as well as in Creation Science and apologetics. He is a conference and seminar speaker in his field of geosynthetics and pollution control, and in Creation/Intelligent Design. He has given expert testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Hazardous Materials. Mark and his wife Susan homeschool their six children in Conroe, Texas.

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