Building a Home for Heaven

Resolve to build your home on the principles of God's Word.

The God Of The Impossible

Why would God send revival? To bring the greatest glory for HIs Son Jesus Christ for the greatest number of people.

Strength In Joy

Where does inner strength come from? The Joy of the Lord!

Why We Need Gods Word

How can I stand against temptation and prevent sexual impurity? By letting God's Word fortify your heart.

The Hearing Revival

When will God send revival? When we obey His will as revealed in His Word.

When Prayers Are Answered Again

What hinders God's working? Sin in the heart of a Christian.

Living The Grace Life

What are the benefits of living the Christian life in God's grace?

Glorifying God And Giving Thanks

Are you a thankful person? Thanksgiving is expressed in a day-by-day life of faithfulness.

God Keeps The Record

Do you know who is in control and is keeping accurate records?

The Choice of Two Ways

What are the two ways in which every person can walk?

Worship Involves Witness

How does the Holy Spirit prompt spiritual sacrifices in our hearts?

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