Tested and True

Do you have a local church? In this episode of The Bonfire we are going to talk about the value of a local church. If you need come and you are in Washington, come check out Grace Community Church in Auburn! Jesse also reminds us to be strong in Jesus. We want to be faithful. Jesus will give us courage. Faithfulness to Jesus is our ultimate goal.

Your First Love

Revelation is the final book of the Bible and super important to study. We are starting a new season looking at the book of Revelation so we can truly understand the glorious place that awaits us when we leave this Earth. It's time to make sure Jesus is first in your live. Are you ready?

The Battle Belongs to God

God always has the final say. Is there something you are doing on your own that you need to give up to God today? God will move in your life and guide you even if it doesn't always feel good.

Get in the Game

God wants you to step up and participate. It's not enough to hide out and not be in the game. God is calling you out today! Make today the day you follow Jesus and his plan for your life.

The Devil is Defeated

From Genesis to Revelation we learn that the devil is real but there is hope in the name of Jesus. The truth of Jesus can defeat all the lies of the devil in our life.

The Protection of God

How many times has God protected you and you haven't even known it? Think back over your life. Perhaps from the wrong job or the wrong relationship. Today we look at God's protection in the book of 2 King's chapter 6.

Take Off Your Grave Clothes

A delay in something does not mean a denial from God. Today we look at John chapter 11. Be inspired today to cast aside what is hindering you and truly step into the light.

How God Heals

God's power is evident when you align with God's word. Let's look at 2 Kings Chapter 5 together.

How God's Power Works

The Jericho story is a good one and we are looking at that today as we consider how God's power works. How do we stay the course when we feel like we aren't getting results? How can we keep trusting God?

The Lord's Prayer

Prayer unites us, allows us to rely on God, builds our faith and shifts our focus. So how do we pray and how does God respond?

Bold Prayers

God invites us to his throne and we can be confident in that. How do we pray with the boldness of knowing that God asks us to come before him? It's time to cry out to God together!

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