Who Was Doctor Luke?

This is the first in a series of talks, which discuss basic concepts of health. That is how can we live healthier. Certainly when we are healthier we not only feel better but we also are able to do better and more work. However, regardless of how good and healthy we try to live all of us will

The Bible, Health and Healing

Dr. Luke wrote two books about the man named Jesus who did a lot of health and healing. However, what is also important is that Dr. Luke’s writings are not in separate books, but rather they are included in a larger book called the Bible. But what makes this important?

High Blood Pressure - Its Causes

Generally blood pressure that is too low is caused by serious medical conditions and is usually life threatening at that moment if not treated. Why though is blood pressure, which is too high a problem? Why is it caused?

Treating High Blood Pressure

The second way we can prevent high blood pressure is by having a good diet. How can this help?

What Dr. Luke has to Say about Stroke

Have you ever thought about the following important questions about strokes: First, what causes a stroke? Second, can strokes be prevented? Third, if I have a stroke or someone in my family has one how can I be cared for or care for them? Fourth, after a stroke can someone walk or talk? Finally, if I or someone I know has a stroke and dies, which is as a result of the stroke, what happens to them after they die? Is their hope after death?

Treatment of Strokes

We have talked about what causes stroke, today we will talk about how stokes can be treated once they occur. This is most important. Dr. Luke will tell us about some very important old and new treatments available. The treatment of stroke in the past five years has undergone remarkable changes all over the world. Before five years ago the treatment of strokes had not changed much for many decades. What brought about this change? Also, what difference does this change make to patients today?

About Heart Attacks

"Liu Ja Dong woke up suddenly one night about 3.00am. He often awoke during the night just because he could not sleep well. However, this night he awoke because he had severe pain in his chest and he could not breathe well. He had never felt like this before and the pain was intense. Further he was sweating and was very nauseated. He had just turned . . ."

Treating Heart Attacks

Many people like Wang Ping in China and around the world have heart attacks. Many people die from these heart attacks. Those who survive often have severe problems later and die soon after. Can people be treated after they have heart attacks and if so how? What treatment can be given to help them?

About the Cause of High Cholesterol

"He called out for help and some co-workers came to his help and carried him up the stairs and called for an ambulance. The ambulance took him to a nearby hospital where they diagnosed him with having a heart attack. Wang Xu Feng went home two weeks later but was still quite ill. During the hospital stay the doctors did many blood tests. One of them was for cholesterol. His was very high. His doctors told him this was one of the reasons, in fact the main reason, that he had a heart attack. Wang Xu Feng had never heard of cholesterol. What was the thing in his blood?"

The Relationship between Diet and Health

Today Dr. Luke will talk to you about the relationship between Health and Diet. This is important as we all eat and what we eat affects us in different ways. Dr. Luke will start by telling us a story about a person who has health and diet questions.

Using the Basic Food Groups

Today Dr. Luke will talk to us about an important topic for all people. That is the basic food groups and how to use them. Everyone in the world eats daily and need to know how to use the basic food groups to get adequate nutrition. Dr. Luke will start by using telling a story of a young mother.

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