The True Place for Good Works

We are complete in Christ, but how do we become in daily life what we already are by the grace of God in his sight? It’s only by working with God. Works follow salvation, but don’t produce it, and this is a work of grace in which we must be diligent. Grace is not opposed to effort, but it’s only opposed to earning.


A pastor once said: ‘When I was a schoolboy, we would occasionally see a turtle on a fence post and, when we did, we knew someone had put him there. He didn't get there by himself!’ These talks introduce us to a number of Old Testament Bible ‘fencepost turtles’ – people whose position in life was given to them by God to work out His divine purposes – and also brings some practical lessons and challenges from these examples for Christians today. Jewish Old Testament characters include: Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Gideon, David, Esther, Daniel, Isaiah and Zerubbabel.

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